Review: Parade

Parade Parade by Shūichi Yoshida
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book falls completely into the "slice of life" genre that is so popular in Japan.

It is narrated by 5 different characters throughout a time range of a few months.

Ryosuke, Kotomi, Mirai, Naoki and later Satoru, find themselves living in the same apartment and sharing a life... the thing is they were not friends before, they just happened to be there and stay... they all have their own problems and ways of dealing with them, feeling that oversharing with the other inmates will cross the line that makes their living together be in total harmony.

All of them one way or another know that their living arrangements are not permanent and for this reason find easy to oversee the superficial life they all share.

Meanwhile, young Satoru their newest roommate lives a dangerous night life and has a very rare pastime, also they discover their own neighbor is running a shady business, and violent assaults start happening around the neighborhood and nobody is really sure why is all happening.

This story has a plot twist that I was not really expecting but did not surprise me either way... I personally felt really attuned to this story because I'm currently living in sort of the same conditions as the story's protagonists and that eerie feeling that you don't really know who you're living with, made me really uneasy. But at the same time, there's no way around it, that's how human beings are... totally different from each other.

I gave this book 2 stars not because it was bad, but because it was not awesome, "it was ok" is the meaning of the 2 stars according to GoodReads and that's exactly how it was... it got me reading on only because I was morbidly curious about their lives but nothing more than that.

If you stumble upon this book, it may be good if you want to read about the everyday life of japanese people, Tokyo's bar and places, and things very Japan-esque.

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