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Thinking Out Loud

First of all, as the title of this entry says is dedicated to the song Thinking Out Loud from Ed Sheeran; as I began listening to it I found that is a very nice song so… I thought to write something about it… First of all… here’s the song.So calm and nice… right?As I was listening to it this morning, I thought Ed Sheeran may be this generation’s John Mayer… I was a fan of him some time ago, I still like him but I haven’t heard from him in a while, well not that I have looked too much for it; but anyway, I feel they have a similar vibe.This song talks about love, well no… more like falling in love… and talks about how different is when people falls in love… some for a limited time and others for much longer, but in the end we all get to experience this state at least once in our lives.Is funny because I regularly don’t agree with overly lovely men or too romantic men; but oh well, it happens once in a while. He’s cute and unreachable; so no problem.I wonder when will I have the opportu…