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10 Travelling Tips

I like travelling a lot, if you ever get to see around this blog you will see some of my trips re-cap. 
Unfortunately I don't get to do it very often, only when I have enough money to do it and time... but I've done it enough to make a list of tips that may be helpful in case you want to make a short trip and keep it in your budget!
1. Find a bed I believe the most important thing when you already know you are going to travel is to find where to stay! Even though you could do it at the moment of your arrival, is always more comfortable to do it while you're at home. 
There are very good booking sites, but the one i personally like the most is because it offers very good quality places with very accessible places! Also, if you know to which airport, station, or place you will be arriving it offers hostel localization in a map so you can select those closer to your arrival place or close to a subway station and you don't have to walk or go long

Moment App – Results

So, my last entry was about this Moment App, which again I’ll leave you BuzzFeed’s video that made me download it in the first place.

So, my predictions were that maybe I use my iPhone around 2 hours and I pick it up from 60 to 80 times a day.

Here are the results from the 1st day. Actually downloaded the app on January 26 (Enero 26) but it was at night so I started counting from the next day.

So, it was almost the same amount I predicted... 127 minutes equal 2.12 hours, but I picked it up only 26 times... so probably some of those 26 were heavy usage pick ups haha..

I continued using the app for the following week and here are the results of the next days... why? because I thought the first day it was going to be "not very real" since I knew the app was counting my time on the phone, but by the 2nd day I totally forgot about it, and so I remembered yesterday when I was thinking about what my next entry would be about :) !

This is my week phone usage, in minutes!

So there y…