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About me

Following this blog’s prompt, I’ll write something about me, and continue to share some other stuff in the course of 52 weeks. (let’s see if BuJo helps me with this, since nothing ever has!!)About me

My name is Alejandra Aguirre, normally people calls me Ale, since is shorter and friendlier for me to hear! (I don’t enjoy much when people calls me Alejandra). I’ve lived my whole life in Monterrey, Mexico. I decided at the age of 18 (more or less) I wanted to become an accountant and I did, and have been working as one for the last 8 years.I’m currently single, and I don’t know or have met anybody who’d make me want to change that status.In my family, there is my mom and dad, I have 2 sisters, 1 niece and 1 cat; all of them I love very much. As for my friends, I have the fortune of having wonderful people that acctually know and understand me; and even though we’re not the kind of friends that chat every day or meet every day, every time we see each other we are connected and happy. I lo…

Small Achievement - Takoyaki Store

Ever since I started with my Bullet Journal, I’ve been significantly more organized than before; not only at work but also with the normal stuff I do, habits, what I eat, etc! And one of the things I have there is a Short/Long term Goals page.Later on I will try to share those pages here (I hope I don’t forget about it), but for this entry I’ll just say that one of the things I wrote on the Short Term Goals was to finish a miniature japanese store I bought in Japan about 2 years ago, I hadn’t acctually oppened it until this year.I Initially started gluing the base of it and then left it for 3 or 4 months… but then I started my BuJo and decided to finish the loose projects I had, and one of them was this little takoyaki store.I didn’t took lots of pictures, but I’ll upload some I have! Enjoy.

I’m still missing the chopsticks that are shown in the instructions picture, but I’ve no idea how to do them haha they’ll have to be so small… smaller than toothpicks. Anyway, I think it looks very…