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Juices, Journals & Bullets

Some of the things I'm very much into these days, besides work, is bullet journal & juices! I wish I was more in to exercising or traveling or something fun, but for the first I just don't have the inspiration for it and for the later there's no money for that… yet!So, the 1st part of my new habits is Bullet Journal which I love! It is a personal planning system created by Ryder Carroll where basically you handle your own personal kind of planner with a few rules to keep it controlled.. It is quite genius! I'll come back to my Bullet Journal setting later… because I want to spend full posts on it, but as of these days, that's where most of my time goes =)For the 2nd, Juices… haha I gave my mom a Natural Bullet blending machine and after being in its package for about 2 months after her birthday, finally she got it out and taught me how its used and is awesome! Haha very easy and practical!And since I almost never have breakfast I thought maybe with this I could …

Sooner or later, I find my way back

Every once in a while I remember that I have this blog and that I swore to myself that I would write often in it, but most of the time I don’t give myself the time or just feel like there’s nothing worth writing about… but I always come back, despite of it all.