Sooner or later, I find my way back

Every once in a while I remember that I have this blog and that I swore to myself that I would write often in it, but most of the time I don’t give myself the time or just feel like there’s nothing worth writing about… but I always come back, despite of it all.

Maybe my problem is that I want to write long essays and stuff but I don’t have the inspiration to do so (haha)…

Anyway, I’ll try (…yet again) to write more often even though if it is a little what I have to share, because I know I’ll comeback to this later and I’d love to see what I thought at this time of my life...
Since the last time I wrote, I traveled a lot… I went to Chihuahua, Mexico; New York & Japan =) I got to see Arashi in concert (which was one of my dreams!!) and many more things happened… which I really don’t remember but they must’ve been good haha right?

This year 2016, I have a new way of planning my life… and I hope that with this new system I’m able to accomplish not only the writing of this blog but also my personal goals and ambitions!! =)

Lets see how things turn out…   


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