Small Achievement - Takoyaki Store

Ever since I started with my Bullet Journal, I’ve been significantly more organized than before; not only at work but also with the normal stuff I do, habits, what I eat, etc! And one of the things I have there is a Short/Long term Goals page.

Later on I will try to share those pages here (I hope I don’t forget about it), but for this entry I’ll just say that one of the things I wrote on the Short Term Goals was to finish a miniature japanese store I bought in Japan about 2 years ago, I hadn’t acctually oppened it until this year.

I Initially started gluing the base of it and then left it for 3 or 4 months… but then I started my BuJo and decided to finish the loose projects I had, and one of them was this little takoyaki store.

I didn’t took lots of pictures, but I’ll upload some I have! Enjoy.

I’m still missing the chopsticks that are shown in the instructions picture, but I’ve no idea how to do them haha they’ll have to be so small… smaller than toothpicks. Anyway, I think it looks very close to it!! =)

Have a nice day.

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