Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

This book, OMG this book!!

I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since I read about it on Goodreads (I think it was GoodReads), basically it said the book was about an impossible heist attempted by a bunch of people that did not get along… it got me! I love group dinamics, complicated characters and relationships, I love action, I love fantasy, and it basically promissed all the the things I look for in a book!!

This review will be a little shorter than the previous ones I’ve made, but it may contain spoilers so, be warned!

** Some Spoilers Ahead **

At the beginning of the book we’re introduced to a drug called jurda that helps workers, guards, etc, to endure while long shifts of work, but instead of the harmless one, we see people experimenting on grisha with an enhanced variation of the drug called jurda parem, which basically makes their powers more potent, much more potent, so it can only be used by them and not regular people.

Apparently, the Six of Crows book and later Crooked Kingdmom are placed in a universe already used by the author, but, you don’t need to read the previous books to understand the terms because they’re used in a way where you can infer or know what exactly they are...

So, GRISHA is the name the author uses for people with out of the ordinary powers. They have different types of grisha (I didn’t memorize the kind names) but it goes something like Matter Manupulation kind, Healing kind, Fire using kind, among others.

The story begins with Kaz Brekker who is a criminal genius with the ability to see further moves ahead and by this outbeating the rest of the people. He’s created a mistery and a legend about himself in order for people to fear him and respect him more. Kaz is free to move, but apparently he’s sometinng like a slave, just like most of the characters we get to know in the story.

Inej and Jesper, are Kaz’s sidekicks helping him accomplish his criminal goals. Inej is something like a shadow girl, very agile and silent, who is in charge of gathering secrets that may be of help for Kaz’s intentions and Jesper is a shooter with a very good aim.

One day, Kaz is presented with a situation that may cause a lot of problems to the people currently living in Ketterdam and other cities… the jurda parem. He is then asked to gather a team to steal the parem inventor in order to stop this drug from acctually enter the market, since it will make the people with the drug very very powerfull and hard to control.

So he makes a team in order to get this person.

I forgot to add that this person is hidden in a ice fortress that is heavily guarded and is known to be imposible to break out of.

Kaz’s team is as follows…
* Kaz Brekker himself, criminal genius, control freak, obsessive compulsive, traumatized by human contact.
* Inej, Kaz's very close associate, someone he’s been relying to heavily since they both met. Someone he later realizes has some kind of feelings.
* Jesper, sharp shooter… and some more.
* Nina, a grisha specialized in people’s body inner workings. With a militar past and an old relation with her natural enemy.
* Matthias, a witchhunter (grisha hunter), a fjerdan who is a traitor, but has high knowledge of how the ice fortress operates. Nina’s natural enemy.
* Wylan, a kid and a pyro-freak. Desertor of a royal family.

So this group, has to unite forces in order to get to the goal… to get the cientist, to stop the drug from being distributed, used.

I have to say I loved the books, the caracters are bad persons, killers… but it doesn’t matter because they’ve been hurt too… Is hard not to sympathize with any of them.

My personal favorites were Matthias and Nina’s situation, because it has something of forbidden, Romeo and Juliet kind of vibe. But the other characters situations was very intriguing as well.

This book was amazing, and though the beginning was kind of confusing for me, because I thought I was not going to understand the terminology but in the end it wasn’t so complicated (once I understood the terms).

I’d recomend this book to anyone that like adventure, magic… it is a bit darker than your normal fantasy story, but it was cool! I love romence in this kind of stories and it was nice to see that it was there like implied but not taking protagonism, it had you there wishing and getting like droplets of love… enough to keep you there, but not enough haha, but it was understandable… there was no TIME!

Is one of those books you can’t let go once you get the thread of the story… so I understand why is so popular. I’d love to have the physical copy of the book because is beautiful, but instead I bought the Kindle edition, which is cool… but AAAW mean!! LOL

I hope this review is better, less spoilery… because that’s how I’ll make them from now on… =)

See you!


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