My Sister’s Grave - Robert Dugoni

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I’ll try to be brief with this one, because it’s taking me very long to write reviews/summary and I’ve been reading more books than the ones I write about!

The book name is My Sister’s Grave written by Robert Dugoni, and it is the first one of the series of Detective Tracy Crosswhite’s stories? cases?

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I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads, but is more like 3.5 stars… but I don’t feel like giving it 4 that means 3.5…. you know what I mean? Anyway, 3.5 Stars!

The book was very very intriguing, I read it so fast, like in 2 days because I couldn’t put it down, but in the end the story was not so good for me… it didn’t hold water (lol)


The beginning to this story is pretty straightforward we’re introduced to Tracy Crosswhite who is a detective in Seattle, and she’s told some human remains were found on a small town nearby. (Obviously, this is important…)

Later we’re told that Tracy had a sister that desapeared 20 years ago and was never found, and through a series of stories of the past we know that the town was very small and that the sisters were very loved by the town folk because their father was a very good and helpful doctor. The night Sarah (the sister) desapears the sisters had a shooting competition and after that they got separated because Tracy was going to be proposed by her boyfriend…

The whole town searchs for Sarah and she’s never found, but someone IS convicted for the crime, Edmund House and his convicted because he’d just been to jail for rape, something Tracy just doesn’t believe is correct and always to put her own comments and findings into the conversation and seems like no one want’s to her what she’s got to say.

Tracy then decides to change her career to be a Detective, in order to continue search for the truth of her sister’s disapearance, somethint that eventually causes her her marriage.

When the remains are found, she doesn’t want to believe is her sister but eventually it is found out that it is, and when she inquires about the things the remains had around her (earings, necklace, etc) something seems to click in her mind and she’s then immediately sure that there was something wrong with the conviction that had been made.

In the burrial ceremony of Sarah, Tracy gets reunited with some of her childhood friends, and one of them is Dan, who now is a Lawyer! (what a coincidence, because that’s just what she needed)… and after a couple of meetings with Dan he decides to help her in the case to get Edmund House ouf of jail because he’d been supposedly framed by the town’s sheriff and some others.

Long story short, in the end they (Tracy and Dan) do a good case about the incompetence of the people involve in the trial 20 years earlier, and Edmund House gets to walk free.

[Comment] By this point I was supremely intrigued about the case, the killer, who could’ve been, why and everything because Sarah was supposedly very popular and all, I couldn’t put the book down, honest! Didn’t work very much this two past days… and then the following happens...

The moment Edmund House is free the lawyers involved in his case are suddenly beeing targeted and harmed very badly and everything points out that he’s the one doing it (and I was thinking like, ok, yeah, the guy was wrongly sent to jail for nearly 20 years he want’s payback for the time they made him loose, quite violent but ok, I get it…), but then Tracy get’s this moment of illumination when she realizes that maybe a relative of Edmund’s was also involved both his framing and Sarah’s murder; and she rushes to the house to find the relative also very badly harmed and behind her Edmund says to her:
“You smell just like her"

[Comment] COME ON!!!! She had like months to figure that out!!!! and ask around and avoid all the violence!!!!
Separated from Tracy, Dan goes fetch the Sheriff and he confesses TO DAN, that they had indeed made up evidence to convict Edmund, but only because he WAS guilty but they had nothing to prove it…………… (couldn’t they just said it before…. ?) He also tells Dan that he didn’t kill Sarah immediately, that he kept her hidden in a mine for weeks until he finally killed her and burried her… The sheriff and Dan go to Edmund’s house and find his relative barely alive and are told that he took Tracy to the mine, so there they go… but Dan is sent to ask for back ups so the Sheriff arrives first to the mine where he’s also ugly harmed.

Tracy wakes up and learns that actually Edmund had been obsessed with her (Tracy) and that had tried to kidnap her but confused her with her sister on a rainy night because they look very much alike… that he had modified the mine to have her there. He goes out to take care of the sheriff who he knows will eventually show up and in this time Tracy looks around the cave and finds some writings from her sister… (the cave was never searched nor changed because they didn’t want Tracy to find out Edmund wanted her, but had taken her sister by mistake) and since nothing was removed or changed, Tracy eventually finds a long stick that Sarah had used to write on the walls.

Edmund comes back with a beaten sheriff and Tracy becans to taunt him, when he get’s mad and when he intends to harm her, she stabbed him with the metal stick Sarah hid for her and after some fighting she finally manages to get to the Sheriff’s gun and kill him.

After all this is finished, Dan arrives with the reinforcements… and they all lived (except for Sarah, Edmund, Tracy’s parents)… Tracy gets some rest from the pain of not knowing, and goes on with her Detective life… THE END...

[Comment] Why! Whyyy!!! Everything could’ve been avoided if people just talk, I was expecting something different… I mean, I wasn’t expecting what happened, but in the end that the one that was in jail was the one that should have been in jail… and the victim sister got him out… what a SHAME!! I mean, I don’t know if people in the US are THAT accepting, but in my country that’s the kind of thing that makes you loose your reputation… and they were living in a small town… people judge worse in small towns, don’t they? haha that’s the stereotype… anyway, I didn’t like the resolution of the murder… it was such a good story until it went down… 😞

It wasn’t as short as I was intending, but anyway… there you go!

Next review will be Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo yaaaay !! This one I DID like… ❤️


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