Farewell Party Decoration

It has been a while… 😅

I’ve had a lot of work lately, which is good but keeps me from doing the stuff that I like (this included haha), so anyway… about maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago I had a small gathering at my house with my friends from the Book Club, and no, it was not about books, it was a farewell party for a friend who’s going back to her house in Spain.

This won’t be a long written post, I’d like to show you how the party decorations went, because I love to do that!

With the help of my book club friends, we made the following items:

  • Suitcase Candy Box
  • Farewell Banner
  • Pompom Banner
  • Polaroid Message Table

Here are some pictures from the party.

I really liked how the party went, and the decoration as well. I hope I can do more stuff like this later.

I’ll write about it when it happens again.


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