After Dark - Murakami Haruki

This is not recently read book, but I did read it this year. SInce I’ve got a few Murakami books in my reading queue I might as well make use of the tag… 😋

I gave this book 3 stars, but as in 3.5 stars… it was a short weird story.

Here some review/summary of it. It was originaly written in spanish, so I’ll leave the spanish version at the bottom.

Time flows slower after the sun has set. This book story happens in one night, a weird night, but maybe all nights are this strange but one’s never there to witness its anomalies.

In this story we’re with the author, and together we’re a bodiless being that overflies a handfull of people in Tokyo City. We watch them go about in their nightly doings and interactions.

Everybody bears no apparent relation to one another, but at the same time, the night unites them all...

I liked the book, but there were some items missing that I would’ve like the author to elaborate on, but over all a good unexpected book.


El tiempo corre mas lento después de que el sol se ha puesto.

Este libro transcurre en una noche... una noche extraña, aunque tal vez todas las noches son así de extrañas, pero uno no esta ahí para presenciar sus anomalías.

En esta historia acompañamos al autor y juntos somos un ente incorpóreo que sobrevuela a un puñado de personas en la ciudad de Tokio, y observamos sus andadas nocturnas e interacciones...

Todos sin una aparente relación entre ellos, pero a la vez, la noche los une a todos...

Me gusto el libro, mas me quedaron muchas cosas que me hubiera gustado saber acerca de varios personajes.


Hope you enjoyed, is small… but ok I guess… If you want to know the story you can read the book... 😋


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