The best thing that happened to you this week

Continuing with this… haha (because why not!)

Prompt Entry No. 5
What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?

Frist, this week covers from today to 7 days back… meaning from July 12 to July 18, 2017.

Well actually this week was a good week, first, it was my niece’s 6th birthday! and I asked some days off from work and spent the whole day with her and she loved it! =)

We went to a place called Kidzania, which is a small city for kids where they can play to be adults and work and earn money… (haha if they knew) But it was actually a good excercize for my niece because she had to follow orders either way but have fun at the same time! So we enjoyed it very much!

That week I also rested a LOT, there was one day where I almost slept the whole day and only woke up to eat haha it was awesome! 😌

Later I visited the new house of a recently married friend and watched some concerts and movies and it was great! I cooked some, we talked a lot and enjoyed time together!

Next day, it was one of my cousin’s birthday, so we went to her party, and though I’m not a party girl I had to say I enjoyed the time there haha, but some moments I just went inside the house sat on a couch and read something…. I was reading a reaaaally good book last weekend (I just finished yesterday), but despite all that, I enjoyed the party very much

AND the next day!! (I know, it was a busy week!!!) I went with another cousin (brother of the day before cousin) to the Comic Convention (because I’m such a freak!) to look for some mangas I wanted to buy and my cousin just wanted to check out some Dragon Ball Z stuff and since I also love DBZ haha we went together !!

So, I did foudn all the mangas I wanted and I’m in the process of reading them 😍 The name is Tokyo Ghoul and is kind of bloody and gore-ish, but it has something that I like very much !!

I think this was an out of the ordinary week, but I’m glad that I decided to continue the Prompt today haha now I got to show some cool things 😁

Lets se when’s the last prompt, hopefully next week… worst case scenario, next year! haha 😅


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