Something you want to change about yourself..

Blog Prompt No. 6

Name something you want to change about yourself?

Personally I think there’s only 1 thing I’d like to change about myself, nothing more.

I want to stop being a procrastinator… is HORRIBLE, it affects my life in so many aspects and levels… of course I get things done, but it cost me effort because most time I don’t want to or get distracted easily.

Is one of the reasons its so hard to mantain this blog, because I’m not consistent and that’s because I procrastinate… I say I’ll do something and then do something else less important...

I want to read…. I turn on the TV
I want to write… I grab a book
I want to prepare food… I go to the bed and sleep...

Is not nice… haha that’s why I think that’s what I want to change! Is the personal trait that causes most problems haha =)

Either way, I’m working on it…


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