Quick Stop... ?

Today I was running on low gas (half of the last quarter of the tank) and I should've refill it in the morning but I didn't then at lunch time but again I didn't hahaha and so I promised myself I was going to do it after work... 

And here I am...

You may be asking, why is she taking the time to write while refilling the tank... Well in the morning I was already low on gas... By 7 pm I'm afraid I'll be out of gas and the car will stop at any time hahaha and place... And today is raining!!! Hahaha I don't want to!! Well beside that, I arrived to the gas station to find out that when they started putting gas to my car there was no system and the pistol was not throwing gas!!! 

So they told me that they had gas and the system was going to be reboot and that maybe it would take them some minutes... So I decided to wait here...

I forgot to mention is peak hour and next gas station is not very close haha.

Anyway, thankfully this gas station has a convenience store at probably 10 steps from where I'm stopped at and I decided to go stock myself of food and wait calmly...

I don't win anything by making a big fuss out of this and I can spare the time to wait haha and I'm here haha

Up until now, I've been talking with the gas station guy (because in Mexico, a person from the station does the whole gas handling) and he seems very nice haha and talkable, I've finished my chips and choco-bread and I'm half way with my coke haha

Let's see how things turn out... =)

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