My Cats

I was intending to make a post about my precious cat named Katty <3

She's been my cat ever since she was a little baby... like 1 month old.. and adopted her from a good lady who picked all the babies up from the street to find them a home =) I was walk-passing to the store and saw her and decided one of them would be mine =)

 This was my Katty when she was just 2 or 3 month old...


 And she used to sleep with her little cat <3 haha

 Now, after a few years hahaa like... 10 years, she's now a full grown lady cat... so stilish and pretty  hahaha I love her even more.


 Very pretty right??? =) As for her personality, she's got so little patience, she likes to be touched and hugged just a little and later she doesn't want and starts biting and scratching; but that doesn't stop me haha I love to tease her... She's always where the people is and observes. She is not confident with everybody but when she finds someone that she likes, she lets them touch her and all... very classy!

 I aslo had another 2 cats, in my life, but before I used to live in a place with a lot of car passing, and unfortunately one of them was hit by a car and the other one, picked a fight with a gang of dogs and I think he got killed aswell... it was SO SAD...

Here's a picture of them... they were brothers.

 I'll always remember them... I can't even start thinking that Katty is very old now... she will live forever... I know it.. .... .. *scared face*

Do you also have cats? or you're a dog person? or both!? haha


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