Traveling passion

When travelling is your thing... you can never have enough... The world is just too big! Haha but ok, I'll narrow it down to my favorite destinations which are Asia and Europe, still too big and full of wonders.

That's the thought I've had ever since I came back from Japan some months ago. The trip it was awesome, I think I could've make some things better but still it was great... but as I came back I felt like I didn't belong back here... which is not right since everything I have and own is back here in Mexico, but still the feeling was there. As time passes one begins to move on and fall again into our routines, waiting for the next time the opportunity and the circumstances will be just right to do it again and feel the freedom of traveling.

Why is it so difficult to do it often... well, I actually do have the answer to that, I don't have enough money to do it often; but in reality I think is a good situation to be in, because I know that if travelling was something easy or normal for me it wouldn't feel like a release from my jail of routine work, and that is something I really enjoy. I love my job, but I also enjoy getting out of it and not hearing from anybody.

While my firm decision from last year was to stop travelling so much and star thinking about my future here in Mexico, I instantly felt this was not what I wanted from the bottom of my heart... what I want is to be outside in the world challenging myself and going further and farther, I believe that my true happiness is somewhere else and that I find it everytime I'm on a trip, just by sitting on a bench or walking on an aley, is there, I feel the happiness.

I wonder where my next adventure will be, as I said before the world is too big and full of oportunities, so here I share some images I found that express my travelling love.



I wish I could write more, but I'm not very inspired at the moment.. haha <3

Disclaimer: Images are not mine, and they're supposed to link back to the original sourse.


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