My experiences with children #1

So, today I finally decided to wash my car, after weeks of procrastination, because I just couldn't bear seeing it as dirty as it was. It has been a very weird rainy season here in my city. And since I decided I was NOT going to take it to a car wash I told my niece (3 almost 4 years old) to help me wash it, since he loves anything related to getting dirty and wet; so this was perfect!

We started by rubbing off the dirt with water, I wasn't going to be very thorough with the wash since it's still rainy season and probably tomorrow will rain again; so I decided that new dirt in the clean car is better than dirt on dirt on dirt... So we started, and to encourage my niece I started teasing her.

Me: come on! 
Niece: I'm cleaning this door!
Me: I'll clean faster than you! And I'll win!
Niece: No! We are going to win together! 
Me: ...... [No words]

It was teamwork, and I tried to make it a competition between the two of us... Haha something so simple and so powerful, that children in their innocence, basic and untamed knowledge of the world, teach us.. No need to compete when we can work together and succeed, together.

After a brief moment I said "You're right! We will win together!", because we would.

Short after that after we finished rubbing the dirt off, we soon discovered the floor was full of all the dirt we cleaned from the car, so I decided to throw water into the car to help remove the rest of the dirt, and after playing with it and throwing water to each other we finish cleaning the car.

So, I divided roles now, I was in charge of drying he now very wet car and my niece was in charge of throwing the water in the floor to the nearest plant or tree. And so we started, I taught her how to use the broom to move the water and then I began with my task.

It was some minutes later, and my little sister (18 year old and not the mother of my niece) was already out grabbing some paper to dry out the car, that we heard.

Niece: aaay! The water doesn't want to listen to me! 
Us: .... *giggles* [no words] 

What do you say to that! Hahaha I teased her and told her "well, give it an angry lecture" but she didn't listen or decided not to for it was a stupid suggestion jaja but it was so fun! 

Children are amazing! They've no idea how deep some of their ideas are, specially when us adults are so entangled with society standards and expectations..

I'll try to write my niece's fun rambles and deep quotes.. 




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