Twenties Expectations [My Take]

I stumbled upon a very interesting post in tumblr about "What to expect when you're expecting to ACTUALLY enjoy your Twenties"... It is a comic-like post about realities some of us live when faced with the start of our twenties.

At the moment, I'm 27 years old... so I actually already passed some of this situations but it only makes it funnier because I did live them... So here it is.

I have had only 2 real boyfriends in my life, and only 1 was actually formal... and it also ended a long time ago at the beginning of my twenties... maybe 20 or 21. So ever since then I've been pretty much single, I may have had some fleeting relationships that were neither long nor significant... But other people around me, in my same age or sometimes younger are discussing marriage or children and I'm like "what!? but there's so much still you have to try and live!" but... is fruitless. 
I've gotten to used to the single life that I'm becoming too free and adventurous I'm afraid... not bad from my perspective but, worrisome for some others.

Yep, my life certanly looks like that... If I'm not behind a screen at work, I am at home... Some years ago I used to have a No Plan Friday policy... where I reject the few invitations I had on fridays and stayed home in my computer... some of my favorite activities was downloading and carefully ordering files in my hard drive... is a bit obsesive but it kept my mind in a concentrated state that prevented me from thinking about loneliness and stuff like that... Also prevented me from socializing... but that's another story. Now I've gotten over that already! I'm social have a lot of plans on the weekend!!

As for the work, thankfully I started working young at 19 or something like that, so by the time I was 20 I wasn't earning $0... I was earning the minimum wage. And since I know english (because I'm mexican and speak spanish) I was able to get a better job afterwards and an even better after the second, that is where I'm at the moment!

As I mentioned before, I passed from being non social to being social... but I don't recall ever meeting someone actually interesting at a bar... may be at a restaurant and because he or she's a friend of a friend, other than that night outs aren't so fun.

And yes, things kind of become a mess in general... social life is not very exciting and private life is in disorder... and you keep hearing other friends say I cleaned and cooked and exercised... all before breakfast!

IMPOSSIBLE... I don't think that's a healthy lifestyle for a 20 year-old.. where is the excitement.. Ah but then again, my life wasn't as excited as want... so is troublesome and tiring. Comparing and trying to meet expectations haha!!

It does suck... a little... at the begining! Until you begin to face the fact that that's how things are and will be, and that it is not going to be forever. And that's the important fact! This are stages in everyones life and each one of us, regardless of what we may want to say, are new to everything! No one knows how life will become for no one... unless is obvious; but for regular people every new day is a mistery, every new month, year is a new challenge.

And we are designed to live through everything that life puts in our way until we can't continue anymore. We are born to be ourselves, not no one else. So, if our lifestyles are not what we want them to be, is only our responsability to change it, everything starts from our own attitud towards life.

So from now on... Lets live! Lets enjoy! Lets grow!

A/N: Images are not mine, credit in the picture!


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